Fruit at the Mekong Delta

12 types of fruit at the Mekong

  1. Bananas: You will find them in large numbers on the banks of the river.
  2. Durian: Durian of Mekong Delta is the best one in Vietnam thanks to its very sweet yellow flesh.
  3. Jackfruit: This fruit is easily recognized by its large size. It’s popular because of sweet savour.
  4. Sapodilla: especially sapodilla of Mac Bac, specially grown in the Mekong region.
  5. Papaya: The fruit is sweet and good for health.
  6. Mango: Hoa Loc mango is one of the best known varieties of mango in the Mekong Delta for its aroma and sweetness. It is recognizable by its bright yellow color when ripping, more fleshy and less fibrous texture, and very sweet and aromatic savor.
  7. Tangerine: The sweet tangerine is a specialty that is recognized thanks to its small size and its smooth yellow skin. It has a slightly sweet taste.
  8. Dragon fruit: so sweet with pink peel, white flesh dotted by small black seeds like sesame.
  9. Cainito: The fruit has green shell and becomes purple when it is ripe.
  10. Litchi: It is said that the fruit looks like longan.
  11. Plum: It is rich in minerals and has red color at maturity.
  12. Guava: This fruit is different from those grown in America and Africa, it has green color and more acidic taste.