5 typical dishes should be savored in Mekong region

The cuisine of Mekong

The Mekong region has the advantage of being extremely wide fertile territory. Indeed, the land is populated by fruit groves and by waters inhabited by many species. This wealth offers a wide range of products for cooking. This mixed with the savoir-vivre of the people, you can find a long list of the best dishes should be tasted when travelling at Mekong… We have selected a few for you.

1. Grilled “Elephant’s Ear” Fish

Oreille delephant

This fish is also called because its front flippers lying behind his head and spreading out look like ears of elephants. This dish is very simple to prepare, because the fish is grilled whole. It can be eaten with rice cake, pineapple or cucumber slices, and mint leaves.

2. Lau mam

Lau mam

This dish in the Delta campaign is a broth made of different seafood and fish, mixed with diverse local ingredients & vegetables: aubergine, tofu… Besides, there is also pork. Enjoy it!!!

3. Linh fish soup with flowers

Soupe de poisson Linh avec des fleurs

Linh Fish is one of the specialties of the Mekong. Accompanied flowers of the shrub, this dish definitely makes you impressed.

Hu tieu My Tho: soup with seafood of My Tho

Hu tieu My Tho

This famous soup of My Tho is made from shrimp, beansprouts, spices and lemon. It should be eaten hot accompanied by aromatic herbs.

4. Cac Mon Ran: Dishes based snake

Cac Mon Ran Plats

The possibilities are endless… In effect, grilling, saucing or soup, snakes are the basis of many perfect dishes.