Lotus in Vietnam

Rules and Taboos

Rules and Taboos:

1. During the visits

  • Please take your shoes off before entering in places of worship.
  • Please wear suitable clothing in places of worship, pants are preferred than shorts, skirts and sleeveless clothes.
  • Please speak softly and do not to hit objects ornaments in places of worship.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask local habitants with a smile if you want to take pictures with them.
  • Please do not travel with too much money on you
  • Please do not bring valuable jewelry.
  • Please do not throw your cigarette butts in the nature.


2. On boat

  • Please do not smoke in the cabins.
  • Please do not throw garbage in water.
  • Please do not run on the boat.
  • Please protect yourself with sunscreen sunscreen cream and a hat.
  • Please prepare rain clothing being suitable for the travelling period.
  • Please respect the sleep of other users on the boat.


3. At meals

  • Please avoid planting sticks in a rice bowl, it is a ritual dedicated to the dead.