List of DOs and DON'Ts in Vietnam

Travel Do’s and Don’ts

Travel Do’s and Don’ts
In the boat

  • Don’t smoke in the cabin
  • Don’t throw rubbish in the water or on board.
  • Don’t run on board. No Night urproars
  • Don’t spit
  • Don’t jump to the river
  • Protect yourself with sunscreen or a hat
  • Forecast rain clothes (depending on the season)
  • Make sur that you don’t use a noise level too high
  • Respect tranquility and peace

When to visit

  • In cult places, leave shoes before enter
  • In cult places, wear appropriate clothing, avoid miniskirts, shorts and singlet tops. hould wear long sleeves on. Otherwise, forecast covering veil.
  • In places of culte, speak softly and don’t touch in the ornaments.
  • If you want to take a photo with locals, don’t forget to ask them in advance, with a smile, they would be delighted.
  • Don’t carry around with lot of money.take your money out and count it on the street
  • Don’t carry any jewellery.
  • Please don’t throw cigarette anywhere
  • Respect the natural environment

In the meal

  • Avoid plugging chopsticks on a bowl of rice, it is rite of death.
  • Choose foods if you want and pick up the pieces fit. No mixing dish.
  • Don’t make too much noise when you eat.